# RealtimeAvatarVoice

RealtimeAvatarVoice is a component that creates a voice stream in Normcore. If the RealtimeView that this component is attached to is owned by the local client, it will create the audio stream and connect it to the local microphone. If it’s owned by a remote client, it will automatically create an AudioSource to play the audio stream through.

# Editor Interface

Audio Mixer Group: The audio mixer group to use for the AudioSource that is created by RealtimeAvatarVoice


RealtimeAvatarVoiceModel model

RealtimeAvatarVoiceModel Normal.Realtime.RealtimeAvatarVoice.model

bool mute

bool Normal.Realtime.RealtimeAvatarVoice.mute

A boolean that represents whether or not the current stream is muted. If the component is streaming the local microphone, it will stop sending microphones samples to the server. If it is playing back a remote audio stream, it will stop playing audio through the AudioSource component.

float voiceVolume

float Normal.Realtime.RealtimeAvatarVoice.voiceVolume

The current normalized volume level of the voice stream. If the component is streaming the local microphone, this is the current audio level of the microphone. Otherwise it is the current audio level of the AudioSource component. This property is commonly used to animate the mouth of an avatar in VR or AR.