Add multiplayer to any Unity app, scale automatically.

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Get up and running in one minute with voice chat, avatars, networked physics, and persistent rooms. Normcore keeps all clients in sync automatically as changes occur.

Fully managed.

Normcore apps scale automatically. Rooms are automatically hosted in the closest region to your players to minimize latency.

VR & AR.

Normcore works great in VR and AR. Our avatar creation tools, voice chat, networked physics, and persistent rooms are all designed with VR & AR in mind. Combine it with ARKit or ARCore to create apps that can see into your virtual spaces.

Clear pricing.

Normcore is pay-as-you-go and includes a generous free tier. After that, we charge $0.0002 per hour for every connected player, and $0.10 per gigabyte of data transferred.

We make things too.

Our developers have been using Normcore in our own apps and games for years. We’re dedicated to building the best multiplayer networking plugin available.

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