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Seamless multiplayer for Unity.

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Normcore is the best way to add multiplayer to any project. Period.

Whether you’re creating mobile games, the next esport title, enterprise collaboration tools, or any project with real-time communication. Normcore includes networked physics, persistent spaces, voice chat, and support for XR.

Normcore is backed by state-of-the-art server infrastructure that scales automatically to millions of users.

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Normcore multiplayer stack

Automatic Sync

Add a RealtimeTransform component to any object to get automatic transform synchronization. No code needed.


State-of-the-art interpolation and robust networked physics. Get perfect movement on any connection.

Persistent Spaces

Any multiplayer object in Normcore can persist between sessions with a single click or a single line of code.

Voice Chat

Normcore is the only multiplayer framework that provides industry-standard VOIP and audio streaming capabilities. Add voice chat to any prefab with a single Unity component.

XR Compatible

Normcore is XR compatible out of the box. Create apps that work across all VR and AR devices without any changes to your code.

Easy to use, extendable API


Normcore ships with a clean and intuitive API. Easily create custom components to sync anything in your project.

WebGL Support

Normcore supports WebGL as a first-class citizen. WebGL apps run with the same low latency network performance you get with native Normcore Unity apps. And all Normcore features work without any modifications, including voice chat.

Unlike other solutions, Normcore is built on WebRTC, which means no head-of-line blocking issues. You can expect the same low latency experience as Google Meet and Zoom.

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Normcore WebGL
Normcore global network


Normcore’s servers run in regions across the globe and are connected via a private fiber network that delivers unmatched low latency.

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Normcore Private

Host Normcore on your own servers or let Normal host a private copy of our cloud infrastructure for you. Scale automatically and retain control over your servers.

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Startup program

Focus on your business and let us cover your multiplayer costs.

Normal offers multiplayer hosting credits for startups and indie developers.

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Custom solutions

Need something more specialized? Need a feature that doesn't exist yet? Contact us!

We offer custom licenses and development services.

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The best multiplayer networking available.

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