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What Is Normcore?

Normcore is a networking plugin and hosting service created by Normal.

A hosted service that can scale to millions of users, Normcore is built on a client-server model. Normcore keeps the state of all clients in a room synchronized so they feel like they are part of the same space. Normcore is a perfect fit for everything from mobile games to MMORPGs, from XR applications to productivity tools. Whether you are supporting 1v1 games or battle-royale matches with 100+ players, Normcore has you covered.

If you want to, you can host Normcore yourself with Normcore Private. Normcore Private is a private copy of the same software we use to host millions of rooms on our public infrastructure. Normcore Private is fully customizable—it allows for dedicated hardware, custom plugins, and DDoS protection. You can even save time and energy by having Normal's DevOps team run Normcore Private for you.

Whatever you need to build, we'll help you make it happen.

Why should I use Normcore?

Get your product to market sooner.

Implementing multiplayer networking takes a long time, and it's difficult to test. Normcore can save you years of development time. Smooth transform syncing, efficient serialization, congestion control, support for networks that block UDP, scaling servers to millions of users—all of these problems have been solved individually. However implementing them all together is tricky.

You can spend months or even years of effort on multiplayer networking without matching the level of quality that Normcore provides. That’s because Normal is dedicated to this task. Normcore streamlines networking so you can spend more time on your project. Don’t spend extra time on networking when you can get your product to market sooner.

Enjoy a flawless product launch.

When your product goes to market, you need everything to work smoothly. No outages or downtime. Success is a great problem to have, but it could mean you need to scale to a million users overnight. Normcore scales automatically.

Plus, a global launch requires hosting in at least 8 regions and 24/7 attention. This can be a nearly impossible task for a small team. Let Normcore manage the networking and servers. It will leave your users happier—and you with fewer sleepless nights.

Build versus buy: The bottom line.

When it comes to networking, we believe it’s better to buy. If Normcore does your networking, you can create a better product, and with less money spent overall. That’s because when you use Normcore, we are your networking engineers. Our goal is to bring the very best networking out there to developers like you. Our AAA networking engineers have access to the best in multiplayer networking techniques—and we can provide everything to you in one easy package. With Normcore, you can more quickly ship a product that works well and works everywhere.

Read more about our philosophy and the innovations powering Normcore.