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Meta Avatars Customization

For most developers, the built-in "Meta Avatar Player" prefab will work and is a great starting point if you'd like to create a custom avatar prefab.

However, if you have an existing avatar prefab and would like to add Meta Avatars functionality to it, this section of the guide outlines how to build the included "Meta Avatar Player" prefab from scratch.

Creating a Meta Avatar prefab from scratch

Create an empty Game Object in the scene with a MetaAvatar component on it. Let's call it "Custom Meta Avatar"

MetaAvatar includes a button that will create all of the components we need by the Meta Avatar SDK. Click the “Set Up Meta Avatar” on MetaAvatar to configure our avatar prefab.

MetaAvatar will reset the transform on the root Game Object, perform the RealtimeAvatar prefab setup if necessary, and add a MetaAvatarLipSync component that references RealtimeAvatarVoice.

In addition, it will configure the Local Avatar and Remove Avatar prefabs. These prefabs are provided as part of the Normcore Meta XR package. If you'd like to change any of the default settings, copy them into your project and wire update the references on the MetaAvatar component.

Let’s try it out. Drag it into your project to make a prefab. Make sure it’s in a Resources folder so it can be instantiated at runtime. Delete it from the scene and connect the prefab to the RealtimeAvatarManager component under “Local Avatar Prefab”. Then hit Play to test it out.

That's it! You now have a Meta Avatar player prefab that works with Normcore.

Further reading

For information on more advanced configuration and usage, check out the official Meta Avatar SDK documentation.