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Normcore is a hosted platform that provides servers around the globe.

Our pricing model

We offer three pricing tiers to meet your needs.

We charge based solely on room hours and bandwidth:

Room hours. Room hours refer to the total number of hours that a room server is running and clients are connected. If no one is actively connected to a room, the room server shuts down after 30 seconds, and you stop being charged for the room.

Bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data sent to and from Normcore's servers.

Fixed option versus unlimited option

Fixed. Our Prototype and Pro plans include fixed allotments of room hours and bandwidth. When you hit these limits, Normcore pauses your applications to prevent you from incurring any additional charges.

Unlimited. Our Unlimited plan includes the same allotment of room hours and bandwidth as the Pro plan. However, it also allows you to go beyond those limits. We bill for any excess hours and bandwidth at a fixed rate. Usage numbers reset at the beginning of each month.

Tracking usage

Your Normcore dashboard is updated to show your most recent room-hour and bandwidth measurements every 24 hours at 12 AM, GMT.

Changing plans

We welcome you to change plans at any time in your billing cycle so Normcore can best meet your needs. Changes in room-hour and bandwidth limits take place immediately. For instance, you will be able to exceed the fixed limits right away if you switch from Pro to Unlimited, even in the middle of a billing cycle. However, if you switch from Pro to Free, the change will occur at the end of the month to allow you to take advantage of the bandwidth and room hours that you've already paid for.

Note: If you are interested in Normcore Private pricing, please reach out to us here.