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Normcore Private

Normcore Private is a private copy of Normcore's hosting infrastructure designed to be customized for a specific application. With Normcore Private, you can adjust CPU limits to host more players per room, use the Webhooks API to authenticate users, and host custom authoritative game servers.


With Normcore Private, you can:

  • Run Normcore yourself
  • Tweak scaling settings
  • Run authoritative game servers
  • Get metrics about usage (Want to charge users when they are on your app? Track usage with the Normcore Private metrics API.)
  • Use the Webhooks API to authenticate users before they can join a room
  • Host Normcore yourself to ensure complete control over your data

Normcore Private comes in two flavors: Cloud and On-Premises.

Normcore Private Cloud

Normcore Private Cloud is a copy of Normcore Private hosted by Normal and maintained 24/7 by the Normal DevOps team. It comes with uptime guarantees and a support team that can access your live servers to help you debug your application.

Normcore Private Cloud can be hosted on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Digital Ocean and supports multi-cloud varieties for extreme availability.

Normcore Private On-Premises

Normcore Private On-Premises uses the same infrastructure as Normcore Private Cloud but is licensed for you to host on your own hardware. Host it on any major cloud provider that supports Kubernetes.


Normcore Private also includes paid support plans. Each plan comes with different levels of responsiveness, modes of communication, and response windows, so you can be sure you'll get the support you need.

Our support plans include options for a shared Slack channel with Normal so you can communicate directly with our engineers and dedicated account managers and get around-the-clock availability for projects and teams with sensitive uptime needs.

We also offer engineering services as needed for your projects. If you're working on a complex problem or have an upcoming deadline, Normal has engineers available to help you out.

Interested in Normcore Private? Reach out to us here